Posted by: Tamara Cosby | February 2, 2011

Do you ever wonder…

I have been stressed emotionally lately because I am who I am…but more than just the normal Tamara stress…this stress stems from knowing about people that have lost loved ones. I realize I have lost my Granny and that was INCREDIBLY painful…but I was 34 years old when she died. It doesn’t seem the same as losing my spouse when they are only in their 30’s or losing a child. I am struggling for OTHER families who are going through things I cannot fathom.

Here is my inner struggle…is God allowing me to have a perfect little family because He doesn’t think my faith is strong enough to handle more (and in reality, is that a TRUE statement, IS my faith strong enough??????). Why am I allowed to have a beautiful family while other families struggle with loss? I do NOT want to go through their loss…and I am sure they would NEVER wish it on someone. I just worry that I am not faithful enough…then I worry because I sound like such a selfish brat that I even contemplate these thoughts and then I think how ARROGANT I sound even thinking about these things.

It’s a tangled web of ickiness in my head!
No worries, this is not a minute by minute stream of thought…but the internet makes people ALL over the world connected in ways they weren’t years ago and I am FAR more aware of the loss than I would be without it.


I guess where I am is I need to increase my prayer life. It needs to be intentional. And with that, I also need to be INTENTIONAL about loving this amazing family my Heavenly Father has gifted me with. I am learning. I TRULY see change in myself. Now to continue it.

Posted by: Tamara Cosby | January 1, 2011

Goals for the new year

I have no interest in making ridiculous resolutions I cannot keep but I do have goals for myself and my family for the New Year. I do believe listing them might be the most logical way to keep track of what I am succeeding at and what I am not so successful at…

1. Spend more QUALITY time with my husband.
2. Spend family time connecting without the television.
3. Not just thinking about reading my Bible…but actually doing it and learning more about God’s Plan for my life.
4. Make a point to eat more appropriately!
5. Help my children learn to love to learn.
6. Finish my Bachelor’s degree in SOMETHING! At this point, I don’t care if it’s basket weaving!
8. Pray.
9. Pray.
10. Pray!

Posted by: Tamara Cosby | April 16, 2010

My BIG/Little Man…

I am so proud of my Parker. It’s his birthday today and he is officially 9 years old. He has a heart like no other child I’ve ever met…he knows how to love! Parker knows when someone is upset…and knows the proper response for their sadness. He knows how to hug! He knows how to smile! He knows how to make me laugh! He knows how to tell a story! He knows how to make someone feel comfortable if they are nervous! He is so perceptive! He can tell when someone is happy, sad, hurting, nervous, frustrated…etc. It’s amazing!

Parker knows how to push my buttons. He knows how to make me nuts and he knows how to make it all better ;) I am so proud of the little man he is becoming. He works so hard at school and regardless of his struggles, (reading) is doing SOOO well! He is well liked by his friends and is sooooooo cute!

I am so proud to be his mom.

Posted by: Tamara Cosby | March 18, 2010

When Human’s Hurt Feelings

I am curious what it is going to take to realize humans are not what I should rely on. What is it going to take? Each time I put my trust, faith and heart into people, it is a fail.

“Do not put your trust in princes, Nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help” (Psalm 146:3).

Today is no different. I let a human hurt my feelings. If I only relied on God as my strength and my rock, I would be less inclined to allow anyone to hurt me.

And yet, here is fail number 7 million for Tamara.

So what does this tell me? Yet again, it tells me to put my trust in Him and He will NEVER let me down.

“Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him” (Psalm 2:12).

“The Lord is my strength and my shield; My heart trusted in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart greatly rejoices, And with my song I will praise Him” (Psalm 28:7)

Posted by: Tamara Cosby | February 10, 2010

Valentine’s Day Cards

This was soo much fun and such a great idea and if it was your idea, PLEASE remind me where I was when I got it…I even commented on your post!!!

This was so easy: I had each child stand on the sidewalk and hold out their arm with their hand in a fist…then I took a picture from the porch. Then we went to Sam’s club and got each child their proper number of pictures (one per student/friend, etc.)…when we got home, my sweet hubby hole punched the top (where the sucker stick would be in real life) and bottom of the hand and then we stuck the suckers through…then we wrote Happy Valentine’s Day from __________…and by the way, I recommend writing that part before you put the sucker in the two slots…ha :)

Posted by: Tamara Cosby | January 18, 2010

Aaron Ivey Video Release

Our friend Aaron Ivey has released his new video for Amos Story. It is truly an amazing video and an awesome song! Please enjoy and if you have the ability, please donate to the Help Haiti fund that is in on the top right corner of the screen at the end of the video. The shirts are awesome and totally worth every penny!

Posted by: Tamara Cosby | January 15, 2010

Orders for Shirts

If you are feeling the urge to order a shirt from me, now is the perfect time to do it! Please visit my website: and place your order. ALL PROCEEDS will go to the REAL HOPE FOR HAITI rescue center in Cazale, Haiti. Please visit their site and see what amazing things they are doing in Haiti.

Posted by: Tamara Cosby | January 13, 2010

Help For Haiti

If you are lead to donate monetarily or otherwise to Haiti, I have two good friends who have posted places you can TRUST to donate your money to:

Please Visit GINGER’S BLOG


regardless of the monetary amount, Please know prayers are important too. Please pray and if you can, donate money to an organization listed on these two sites. They are trustworthy and awesome! I love reading what the RHFH is doing for the Haitian people on a DAILY basis…

Posted by: Tamara Cosby | January 8, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday Backwards Edition (TOO MUCH TV)

VERY thankful for the backwards edition of WFMW!!! I need the help!

We are watching FAR too much television at our house! Does anyone have suggestions on how to reduce this without creating mass panic among the masses? I could really use the help! We love to read books but for some reason, I am lacking in the motivation department in this area..

For more WFMW, visit We Are That Family!

Posted by: Tamara Cosby | December 9, 2009

The HP Contest :0)

So I am always up for a good giveaway! :) I am talking about the giveaways on BooMama’s blog as well as MckMama’s blog. I love the idea of a computer that is this cool….CHECK IT OUT!

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