Posted by: Tamara Cosby | September 11, 2007

It’s funny…

I’m sitting here thinking about the past few days and the events that took place in our home (I won’t gross you out with details, suffice it to say it wasn’t all fun and games)…and the way it all worked out.  I admit to getting frustrated with the kids at the end, I mean come on, they were FIGHTING LIKE CRAZY…but before that, I sure enjoyed having them all home…I enjoyed Hubby being home and all of us HAVING to be in our house, not allowed out, having to spend time with each other.  Come to find out, we enjoyed it!  So today marks a new adventure in our lives…I have written schedules!  Now some might say that scheduling does not sound adventurous but let me tell you something, I have scheduled 1 hour of television for the children, reminded myself of my priorities in my schedule.  Scheduled time for homework (thus stopping one argument), and basically reminded all of us why we are here.  We are not here for self-service.  We are here to serve others…and I believe if I can start MYSELF off properly and can give the kids an extra boost of servitude in the morning, it will make for a good day.  And so far, IT HAS!

This morning, while it was raining, I took the twins outside to play in the rain (it wasn’t in the schedule, it was an impulse…see, it’s not that rigid) and play we did!  We splashed, we played tag we got SOAKED!  It was so much fun!  Now I am wishing I had taken pictures.  We have done so many things this morning I kind of wonder what is left to do, ha ha!  The kids have been loved on and played with in ways I have forgotten they needed…no, I haven’t forgotten, I have chosen to make other things more important!  Mainly, this computer and the television.  So I am limiting myself.  I am not cutting myself off, I am prioritizing my life.  It’s going to be a great thing…it already is.

Did I mention how sweet my hubby is?  Just making sure ;)

Check out this contest at Scribbit.  REALLY GREAT BLOG, She is from Alaska…actually LIVES there ;)


  1. You are gonna be amazed at how much gets done. And way to go being flexible.

  2. Yes, have lived here all my life, my grandparents built the family igloo in the 50s :)

    And I have to plan in play time too, otherwise I forget to stop and enjoy things.

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