Posted by: Tamara Cosby | September 26, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

I have a few dresses of Youngest Girl I just fell in love with last year and the year before.  I managed to get two years worth of use of them as a dress…and STILL I love them…so this year, they still fit in the arms, they just became cute little shirts over a cute pair of flare jeans.  That makes me happy and works for me.  (Besides, I love that I can still get her to wear the things I like…it went out the window with Oldest Girl!!!)

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  1. Oh we do this too! When the skirts get a little too short, a pair of capri pants or leggings can get another whole season out of a dress!

  2. Great idea!

  3. GREAT idea! Isn’t it fun when you get extra use out of things! This also works with pants – long pants to capri pants to pedal pushers if they still fit in the waist!

    Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife

  4. AWESOME! I’ve just been gathering up my daughter’s dresses to store them away for a future daughter. But now I’ll keep them out a little while longer. I know she doesn’t want to let a bunch of them go yet. Thanks!

  5. Certainly a good tip. Nothing like extending the wear of clothes as much as possible. I have a whole list of clothing/shoe items my children need this fall. Sigh, it’s hard to keep a family of five children happily attired. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Duckabush Blog

  6. Love it! And it is perfect now because even if the sleeves *are* a little short, with 3/4 sleeves being so popular these days, it would still be really cute!

  7. Great idea–and so in-style now!

  8. I started doing this for Alexis this past summer. She was actually excited about it! Anoe of course is still in the stage that she’ll whatever I want her to. I love this stage! Wish they could stay this way instead of turning into emotional, back talking, drama queen 4th graders. OK well at least that’s what going on in my house!

  9. Great tip!

  10. And when they have truly grown out of those favorites dresses, and you have no little lovey to whom to pass them down, cut them up and make a quilt — all those favorite fabrics into a blanket that will last for decades.

  11. oh my, i almost did this one! we are converting 6 dresses to long shirts this winter!

  12. That’s a great idea!! I will start doing that with my daughter!!! =)

  13. I have pretty much stopped buying dresses with sleeves for this very reason (we have ape-ishly long arms!). I generally buy one size too big of simple a-line sleeveless dresses. They are on the long side to begin with and can be worn year round with no shirt, a short sleeve peter pan collar shirt or a turtleneck/tights, no tights. As they get shorter, we throw leggings or jeans under them. Dresses can literally last for a dozen seasons!

  14. I love this idea! My first two were boys, so I’m still learning the rules about girls clothes and accessories. Thanks for this great tip!

  15. It’s what the girls here do too.
    Especially with items they love.

  16. I do this too! And with the styles being what they are, it works so well!

    Great tip!

    Jen @ Lords of the Manor

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